Questions 1) How does Nexus UVC and UVC Light Kill Germs?


The Center of Disease Control confirms the effectiveness of UVC Light as a germicidal cleaning agent. The CDC states that regarding the most effective UVC light frequency on germs, viruses, and microbial, "Its maximum bactericidal effect occurs at 240–280 nm". Nexus UVC's light wavelength is 270-280nm. They continue in the article to say "Inactivation of microorganisms results from destruction of nucleic acid through induction of thymine dimers." - meaning the effects of the light frequency destroys the nucleus of the microbial organism. 






Question 2) How Do I Know It Actually Works?


With the science behind our product, we've also tested our product and have the proper certifications to support our claim that our Nexus UVC Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs. Nexus UVC has its Supplier's Declaration of Conformity from the FCC; and our product has had "evaluation of the supporting documentation and test data submitted by the responsible party" as stated on FCC's website; as well as RoHS Certification of Compliance.